Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm loving... Autumn Bits

Here's some back to school random things
I'm loving at the moment.

I bought myself this yesterday in Urban Outfitters.
It's obviously completely essential.
OK, sarcasm aside.. it'll be great for impending craft fairs.
Goodbye grey boring one.
You can get it here.

I wish I had designed this little Owl - isn't he lovely?
But the next best thing is downloading him or his siblings
for free here from 3eyedbear.
He's looking down on me as I type!

I am loving these large A4 notebooks from Ikea.
I bought one and went back to get another -
and at €3.99 (less if you have a family card)
they are so handy for anybody with inky fingers like mine!
You can see them here.
I just might have bought this BABY scarf
for a new little lady that arrived last week.
It's teeny (and i'm not quite sure how safe a scarf is on a new baby)
but I had to buy it anyway. It's so cute.
You can find it here at zara.