Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Slings and arrows of outrageous loveliness

1. Bows and Arrows Fabric by Katherine Codega
2. Follow the Arrow Wrapping Paper by ToodlesNoodles 

3. Hello Arrow Two Rubber Stamp by Think and Ink studio

4. Set of 4 Arrow Paper Cut Note Cards by Ashley Pahl
5. Ombre Arrows Necklace by cartonBois

Friday, 18 January 2013

Make it patterned and colourful. And please, don't cry if it breaks!

I decided a long time ago that there were far too many pretty kitchenware patterns for me to devote myself to just one. And with some beautiful new bowls as birthday presents,
I thought I'd take out some of my favourites to show you.

Some are vintage. Some are from Avoca, Anthropologie, Fishs Eddy,
Some are from travels abroad, but most of them given to me as gifts.
And I love them!

And I use them. Which sometimes is stressful because they get broken.
The cherry glass in this image is the last remaining glass
from a set belonging to my lovely grandparents.
(ok, so I don't let ANYBODY use that one!)

And in a dramatic Everyone-help-clearing-the-table accident,
I now only have 10 days of Christmas. oh well.

The bottom bowl here was one of the 4 bowls I got for my birthday.
It came with a note attached:

'From us 3, because we love you, and because sometimes we break things.'


Tomorrow - a mini chance to start again

Although, even as a child, I found this quote to be just a little bit untrue - I still like it. 
I love that there is newness in every morning - 
and that fresh love, grace and mercy are mine everyday! 

Happy today, and happy tomorrow everyone ;)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Thank you!

Last week I reached 600 sales on Etsy.
I wanted to make a little freebie to say thanks for all the purchases, 
as each and every sale makes me enjoy what I do just a little bit more. 

So, I thought I'd share these free printable bookplates with you.

I love bookplates and think they add a little personality to a book.
There's a bird one
a cloud one (I'm still a bit into clouds at the moment!)

a little girl

and a super boy! 

Just right click on the above file and save and print and share as you wish.
Love Mandi x