Thursday, 19 April 2012

Things they did not teach me in school - A Book Review

It always disappoints me that my Art Teacher in school didn't teach me how to really draw. 
I mean, yes, we were given poster paints and paper and were encouraged when our pencil drawings vaguely resembled the Junk-Shop-Oil Lamp-and-Dirty-Shoe Still Life. 

But negative space and perspective?! The delicacies of line quality? Blind drawing? Composition? 


So when people ask me to recommend a drawing book this is the one I suggest - 
'Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered' by Quentin Blake & John Cassidy.

This drawing book is for head and heart and for adults as well as kids. 
It deals with all aspects of drawing and delightfully encourages the imagination too. 

We love it - and often dig it out and spend an hour drawing and trying things out. 

Here's Ruby with her first Still Life... Hello Kitty of course... No dirty old shoes here!

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  1. Hi Mandi, new follower here:) I loved Roald Dahl books as a child, and especially the Quentin Blake illustrations. I've ordered this as a stocking filler... that's if I don't keep it for myself!