Monday, 9 January 2012


So I'm not very good at blogging.

I might just plan to make it a New Year's Resolution (to be better, at least!).

I have been busy updating a few things around here and getting things sorted.

I've wanted to finish my Alphabet Wall for a while and got it done the other day.

I love it, and while I still have a few placeholder letters,
I love the collective craziness of it.

I got to do a few illustrations of the kids in it too which was fun.

I also got around to framing these beauties - covers for two Puffin Classic books.

And I have a new illustration to show you!
I love the iconic image of a retro red london bus, but was thinking recently I'd never seen an illustration of a Green Irish Bus.
So. It had to be done! And it's also available in red :)

Its full title is 'Adventure with me - there and back again.'
You can buy it here and have it customised.

Right better make some dinner!

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