Friday, 13 January 2012

Note to self and free downloadable print!

I have been challenged a lot lately
Enjoying the Moment.

(I made all but one of the above things ;)

I found this quote online -
'DON'T spoil what you have by desiring what you have not.
REMEMBER, what you now have was once among things you only hoped for.'
(I wrote it down and then completely mislaid the link -
if anyone knows who wrote it, please let me know).

It gave me the slap on the hand I needed.

I changed it slightly and did it up as a print.

Now - let me just say - I do not mean there's anything wrong with ambition
and a healthy desire for new things/challenges/dreams etc.

Just every now and then,
I need reminding that I have people and things in my life
that I could only hope for.

That's all.

I made this print for me - but thought you might like it too!

This is my first FREE downloadable print for you!

Right click on the image and choose 'Save As'.
You can print this out as many times as you like,
give it to as many friends as you like
-with my blessing :)


  1. Love the quote! Thank you for sharing it:)

  2. Love it!!! Thanks for my new desktop background :)

    And I know all about not enjoying the moment - my rushing around and trying to do everything at once has now led me to a rather nasty sore throat and probably a chest infection, so now I have to slow down...

  3. Thanks for the print I will print it off and put a copy in the kitchen and at my desk at work. It's good to get a reminder to slow down and be grateful for what we have. Fi