Sunday, 15 May 2011

Moustaches and... eyebrows

A very good friend of ours
and extremely talented artist Fergus Ryan retired recently.
We had a huge party for him!
We set up photobooths to capture all his friends and famly.
And, as Fergus has sported moustaches for most of his adult life,
I made lots of different taches to be used in the photos.
It was lots of fun - and people really got into the spirit it!

Bouquet of Moustaches

If you want to do your own Moustache Photobooth -
Right click on the below image and save onto your desktop and then, print them out!
After a few days recovery, I met a writer friend
at IMMA to see the spectacular Kahlo and Rivera Exhibition.
If you love art, you'll probably love this!
Kahlo's art is piercingly honest and exquisitely beautiful...
Rivera's... i didn't love as much (sorry Diego, wherever you are!).
I couldn't help but wonder whether he meant the world to see some of his paintings..

The exhibition is on until 26th June 2011 and it's free on fridays :)

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  1. Hahahaha, your 'taches are cute! I usually can't stand moustaches, they do remind me too much of 70s males in dodgy films ;)