Friday, 6 May 2011

Something for the weekend...

Well, this is a special one. This is my birthday weekend!

I was born in the middle of the European Song Contest, back when Ireland won it every year...

I'm going to take a break from designing for the weekend, as I plan to be spoilt rotten for the next 48 hours! I did manage to get a new print out this week, which I'm so happy with.

One of the things about having kids is the endless amount of energy they have and inspiration they provide. Ruby (who is nearly 4) has an obsession with dandelions at the moment so i was eager to draw her up, about to tackle another 'blowing thing', as she calls them.

Here's a little of this print process!

I start with a drawing. I take my time here - it needs to be perfect!

Then I use black ink and a brush to ink it up - really wanting to focus on the line quality.
I heart line quality! Little thin lines in her hair, sturdier lines on her legs...

Then, I digitally colour in the image. I think about where the sun is, what would be shaded etc.

Then print and photograph it off to the shop with with it!


  1. Already love the blog! So fun to see your process!

  2. love to see you create!! So interesting. ... Any cake left?? yummm

  3. Looking good Mandi, love that print, will email you shortly. Fi

  4. Hi Mandi, congrats on your new blog and Happy Birthday Weekend to you - hope it's a blessed time! This print takes my breath away - I love it! I thought your "Bear Hug" was my favorite, but this one is surely my favorite now! You are one talented girl. ;)