Friday, 27 May 2011

My Haberdasher's Happy Place

The little of sewing I've done, I've loved.
I sat a class in creative embroidery in Art College
and it was perfect for me as I'm not perfect at sewing.
The sticky-outy threads and very zigzaggy stitch work
covered a multitude of sins and for a while
I made it my happy place of all happy places!

So, in an effort to return to stitch heaven,
I enrolled in a one day Quirky Creatures course

I mean Quirky? Creatures? Sewing bits and bobs?

I had to go.

I met the most lovely Paget Scott-McCarthy
(who is one of the founders and amazingly talented)
and with her clear and gentle instruction,
I made these (don't laugh now!)

This is Roderick Ryan O'Connor Reilly
(I think he most definitely is Irish)

and Doris the Sausage Dog.

But I've been practicing a little at home,
starting to use paper, pretty fabrics and simple designs.
I have loads to learn, but am having fun while I'm doing it!


  1. Woah, I love your dogs!!! This looks like such a fun course!
    Sewing is wonderful! Although I can sew with the machine, I prefer hand sewing. So relaxing!

  2. Oh, that was the course you were talking about a little ago!
    Hope they will hold another one, I soooo want to attend it too!
    I love Roderick! ♥

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful post Mandi! And I'm in love with the names you gave your quirky creatures!! Particularly Roderick. Hope you're well! X Paget