Tuesday, 17 May 2011

When I was one, I had just begun...

ONE year ago today I opened my Etsy Shop, Designbirdie.
It was a name plucked out of the air -it could have just as easily been called
Buttons, Toothbrushes & Cotton socks or
Black Eye Bags (i like that one!) or Mountains of Unwashed Clothes...

I just wanted to say thank you for supporting me, buying from me,
telling your friends, 'liking' me and blogging about me!

Anyway to celebrate, I'm having a little giveaway.
A package with all sorts of designbirdie goodies including
a Bear Hug Print (still one of my most popular), Birthday Calendar
and the cutest pair of ladybug earrings.
These are lovely to keep but make great little pressies too.
To enter, leave a comment here or on my Facebook page under this post.
A draw will be made on the 28th May (a favourite someone's birthday).
Thanks again and tell all your friends!


  1. Ooooooh, I am first!!!

    Happy Birthday, Designbirdie! I don't think 'Mountains of unwashed clothes' would have been half as appealing as Designbirdie! It probably would have a very smelly connotation...

    Many happy returns!

    Love the Bear Hug!!!

    (oh, and of course I am in to win ;)

  2. Oh i love the blog :) Put my name in the draw ;) I could do with a bear hug!

  3. Hi Mandi, count me in too please! I love your blog, I'm just in the process of setting up my own :)

  4. Happy Birthday Mandi! I love your blog, it is so colourful and inspiring! Have a great birthday and congratulations on a great year with Etsy!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Here's to another successful year! :)x

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!
    Your work is amazing and so is the new blog!
    I wish mine was so bright and colorful, I had to improve, maybe I should follow your example! ;P
    Count me in for the draw too: I love ladybugs in whichever form they come!

  7. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new blog. Pretty stuff!

  8. Happy Birthday I'm your thirteenth follower -hope its not unlucky !!!!